It’s a term heard everyday whenever you make a mistake in judgment and the speed of the downhill decent that reminds you of the last roller coaster you swore you’d never ride again, remember you’re only human and boo-boo’s happen. Downturns, failures and calamities are equal opportunity events which occur to all human beings on a more regular schedule than we would like, however, they are a consistent fact of life and as such they must be overcome. The evidence for this premise is more frequently seen in the lives of people who try to get ahead and reach for their dreams, who aren’t afraid of hard work and yet managing disappointments is a very difficult task without exception.

Have you ever felt like a clock who’s spring has been wound too tight or worried that your mind was racing so quickly that your brain might explode? No one enjoys feeling down & out, stressed to the max and living in an emotional bubble; just waiting for it to pop. The most important question to ask yourself since the tough times will come is how will you deal with them when they show up? While it can feel like the best way to deal with life’s problems is to ignore them until they go away, that simply won’t work and it has been repeatedly tried by all of us at one time or another.

I am reminded by what the late-great Jim Rohn said about this subject: “You must learn to discipline your disappointments” because if you don’t they will destroy your self esteem, detour your goals, dismantle your dreams and cause you to live an unfulfilled life of regret. That is not a pretty picture nor is it one that you’re stuck with…enter the ThinkerBite for tonight; “ Booboo’s aren’t dead end roads, they’re only speed bumps!”

Don’t allow a mole-hill of disappointment to become a  huge unscaleable mountain of complete failure.  When the flashing sign of down-turn is glowing remember it says: “Slow NOT Stop” and there is a big difference. You’ll get by those speed bumps on the journey to your dreams if you don’t give up and remember {speed bumps NOT dead ends}…..


It’s About You!