The Right Tool

The Right Tool

No matter how you see your world, you are constantly confronted with endless difficulties, problems and hurdles which you address on a daily basis. Upon close examination, it becomes clear that many tools are needed to resolve the various issues of life as they appear and therefore, there is no one tool that fits or fixes them all.

The Bite for tonight is one of those application principals that keep popping-up over and over again because the issue of learning to use the right tool for the job is seldom effectively discovered or applied.  The thoughts for your consideration brought to you courtesy of your friendlyonlineneighborhood ThinkerBites;   “ If the only tool you possess is a hammer then, every problem must be addressed as a nail.“

The practical fact is there is a right tool for every problem and a hammer won’t work when a wrench or a screwdriver is needed. Have you ever tried to remove a rusted, frozen nut or bolt sometime from somewhere with your fingers or with a wrench that doesn’t fit? Doesn’t work very well, does it? You need the various attitudinal, mental, emotional and physical tools necessary to effectively deal with the problems and issues life throws at you everyday.

The fact is you can’t depend too heavily on your hammer: it only works well on nails ….



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