A Map & A Compass #1

Map & Compass #1


In order to arrive at a desired destination, it is wise to seek out a map and a compass. This is a valid necessity if you are traveling in the wilderness or just trying to get around downtown in the cement jungle.

In order to know where you will arrive you need to know in which direction your goal is located and that requires some kind of direction indicators, like a map and a compass. The two items indicate where you’ve been, where you’re at and in what direction you need to proceed to get where you’re going. Despite the fact that the use of these items have been main-stay directional devices for centuries, they are ignored in our present day by far too many travelers who never seem to find their way in life or reach their designated goals.

The catastrophy created by the disregard of direction causes distress, anxiety and depression which can result in a total lack of self-esteem, regret and the sense of a wasted life of failure. These terrible results can be avoided by anyone, at any point in life and under the worst of personal strife and circumstances imaginable by recognizing that in order to reach a goal, fueled by a dream, a person has got to know his or her pending direction which requires some sort of plan. These plans are accomplished most easily with the introduction of a map and compass into the equation and the sooner the better.


The Bite for tonight is;” The need to know where you’ve been, where you are and where you’re going is the first step in any successful life plan.“In other words, you got to know where you’re going or how will you know when you get there? Check out the next Thinkerbite; “Map & Compass # 2” which will identify the map and the compass for you!


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