Finding Yourself

The Finding Of You


Like most of you, I listen to my coworkers, friends and family members talking about the things they consider to be the relevant issues necessary to success. The fact is everybody has their own ideas about the exact ingredients needed so that the journey is a little easier and less chaotic while reaching the intended goal. The most common statement I hear goes something like this; “All you really need is to find yourself ” whatever that means because most of the time, I know right where I am…

By the way, one person’s definition of being successful isn’t the same as another’s, which makes the whole subject more confusing and complicated.

The underlying principal of goal oriented planning should not be foreign to your understanding about how to get started else you won’t get very far before someone or something rains on your parade. It is the intent of the Bite for tonight to supply you with greater comprehension of the often overlooked truth about the meaning of finding yourself ;  it’s not reality, it is purely a total misunderstanding of the terminology. Therefore, ThinkerBites comes to the rescue; “ Life is not about finding you, it’s about becoming you” because life is designed to be simple, it’s people  that make it complicated!

Remember next time you hear this topic discussed don’t waste time trying to find you, work on becoming you and success will be attracted right to your door! Hope this Bite opens some eyes, save you some grief, time and frustration. It is true that you don’t have to learn everything the hard way, been there & done that. We really do care about you here at your friendlyonlineneighborhood ThinkerBites and we want to help you grow with Personal Development so why not begin becoming you!


It’s About You!