Light & Warning

Light & Warning

Light is defined as a major natural agent which dispels darkness and makes the invisible visible; a luminous energy made up of electromagnetic radiation. Light is a self-regenerating phenomenon which moves at a high rate of speed, calculated as 186,280 feet per second. These are the attributes of light: it’s attractive to the eye, calming to the spirit, relaxing to the mind, comforting to the body and repelling to the darkness.

The inclusive function of the word light is an idea rather than a physical agent, turning the lights on in your head is an example. The expression of; shedding some light on the subject is an abstract common application of the meaning of light, however, the usage of the term is proper because it infers the idea of the light of thought which can enable an illuminated understanding.

Maybe you’ve heard the statement looking for the light at the end of the tunnel which provides the point of tonight’s  ThinkerBite. I frequently hear someone talking about the journey of their life and it has been rough; but we’re finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel. Clint Eastwood coined a famous phrase that I’ve recalled many times in my life over many years now when he said; “A man has got to know his limitations.” Just because you see a bright light doesn’t mean it is the result of sunshine, it could be anything so a careful approach until you’re sure of the light source; which could be adventitious to your personal health and development.

The ThinkerBite tonight is;”Warning, be certain that the light at the end of the tunnel is NOT an oncoming train!” My Grandfather, bless his soul was fond of saying to me; boy use your head for something other than to keep your ears apart! I’m passing this wise advise along to you in hopes that it will help you in your personal growth and assist you on the journey to your dreams. Life is like a baseball game, it throws all kinds of pitches over the plate and it’s your job to learn which one to swing at and which one to ignore but remember, it’s not wise to let yourself be hit by too many fast balls…..


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