Your Future


The future is something that’s is interesting to everyone but the uncertainty of it causes fear, worry and concern in the minds of most folks. Worries of ever approaching – soon coming environmental pollution, nuclear global warfare, newly evolved bacteria and viruses which don’t respond favorably to current or possibly future medical treatments. Besides all these things mankind is troubled by man’s inhumanity to man which logically should have been outgrown long, long ago but who can tell what is to come or what will the future bring ?

For many eons into the past people have sought ways to know what tomorrow holds. People have tried fortune tellers, astrologers, crystal balls, mediums and all sorts of mystical methods to secure ideas on what will happen to the world they know and when. The truth is no human can predict any of the future events, inventions or the condition of the world to come and yet educated guesses abound. It should be understood that what will be, will be and so the best anybody can do is follow the indicators that exist in the here and now.

This brings us to the ThinkerBite for tonight; “ The future is made up of now’s” and that is controlled by your personal mind-set, your future is not composed of what you achieve but of what you become. This moment and the immediately preceding moments are what are forming your future even as you read this post. When it comes to your life and your future, you were always the deciding factor of both.

In your haste to control your future don’t forget to live the now’s because they won’t come again so share them with the people in your now. A wise man once said; your world is a flower garden and you’ve got to stop and smell the roses along the way or else it hardly seems worth planting them in the first place…..“It’s All About The U In You”even in the future!


It’s About You!