The Lift Principal


The time has come for a fun post on ThinkerBites so let’s talk about flying and airplanes. I know it’s weird that I love to fly in an airplane yet I am deathly afraid of heights: go figure! Be that as it may, as a dear friend was fond of saying; I do enjoy looking out the window and seeing the clouds below that look like giant puffs of steam lying in the air or soft cotton candy (without the sticky) part of course, appearing motionless even while they constantly move in ever changing shapes and patterns across the sky.

When there aren’t clouds you can see land masses that change by the moment, bodies of water, buildings that litter the landscape cause different colors of terrain made by the trees, foliage, and mountains creating a horizon of stark beauty at the point where the earth touches the sky.

It is not within our scope tonight to talk about the “bad parts” of flying such as turbulence, storms, take-offs and landings as that’s another post for another time. By the way, it is an interesting fact that flight experts have said; A landing is a controlled crash and that’s enough about that…….

In order to form some semblance of how flying in an airplane works, we need to understand a few of the necessary points of flight: first in order to attain flight some kind of a aerodynamic structure,  proper forward momentum and some sort of a guidance device are required. At this point, a long enough runway to build up the speed necessary to aid in the creation of LIFT would be more than a good idea if your intention is to fly and not just roam aimlessly over the ground.

Here’s the point of the BITE tonight: In order to fly there must be LIFT, as the old pilot said; “Without lift you ain’t going there.” You can obtain the necessary speed, wing span and steering mechanisms yet in the absence of LIFT you won’t even get off the ground. This is true in life as well; if you don’t account for LIFT you’re on a dreamy life flight to nowhere; stumbling, crashing and not flying. Let’s look at the check list on the flight plan you’re going to need…first the vehicle : check, secondly the fuel for flight: check, thirdly the runway: check, fourthly flight know how: check , fifthly detailed flight plan: check, pre-flight run initiated: check, take-off: { NO!} LIFT is not present so flight is impossible. Even though all the elements except LIFT are accounted for, without it you’re doomed to be grounded.

The LIFT necessary for the flight of your life is a Philosophy with an attitude which will determine your altitude; with this in mind, ThinkerBites provides the Bite for tonight;” Beware to guard your positive Attitude (LIFT) because it will determine your ultimate Altitude on the flight to your dreams.” Get some positive LIFT and you’ll be flying!

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