Regarding the subject of the BITE for tonight; you may well be asking yourself the questions, what is a PEAR and how does it concern me? Well that’s a deep subject for a shallow mind like mine but let’s make an attempt to examine the relevant facts from a definition of the word. According to the dictionary, a pear is a yellowish-brown to greenish colored fruit which grows on a tree and has a flesh that is sweet, juicy and gritty. Let’s establish up front that our title is the same word but ‘Not’ the term to which we’re referring. Please allow me to explain; if you’ve gotten the basics of Personal Development into you, then you’ll gain from this post. However, if you haven’t then this post won’t make much sense to you but an understanding of PEAR may point you in the direction where the journey to achieving your dreams begins.

The term PEAR as used here is an acronym of the principal parts of a strategy that will enable you to formulate a defense against the negativity of everyday life, which is constantly preventing your advance toward success in every way and at every turn. Let’s divide the strategy into it’s 4 parts: plan, execute, analyze and refine. Then we’ll examine them one at a time; please be aware that the parts are separate pieces and yet all inclusively interconnected to form one strategy.

First, Plan: before you can make a plan you must first ingest the information ( data ) needed to set-up an organized offensive, then design a plan. Secondly, Execute: ok now that you have something to execute or implement, get the ball rolling and set some goals. I love it when a plan comes together! Thirdly, Analyze: take account of the results of your plan thus far; both positive and negative elements. Try to identify what works in your plan from what does not and make the needed adjustments. Fourthly, Refine: your recipe and adjust the parameters of the plan to fit the desired end result. Continue doing the four parts of PEAR and eventual success is in your future, isn’t that what you’re really after when it’s all said and done?

There are many alternative applications and interpretations of this strategy and various ways to say the same thing but anybody who is serious about success and happiness will use these basic components to make their own personal plan work….The Thinkerbite for tonight is; “Success is all about keepin-on keepin-on because when the going get’s tough, the tough get going.” Remember that success is a bi-product of mindset, happiness is a bi-product of success and in the end:”It’s all about the U in you.”

It’s About You!