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A New Tomorrow {part 1}

The Wish Idea

 Tonight is the beginning of a series at ThinkerBites, this is the first of three parts. Sometime during everyone’s life the wish for a new tomorrow which brings a clean slate and a totally new beginning is normal, it’s just part of being human. Books are written, movies are made and new careers are launched in hopeful quest for another chance at success in life. The fact is that rarely does the wish come true and the question of why begs to be answered. Why is it so difficult to start over and make life work for you?

The unrealistic conception that success only comes to the lucky and the best of people just doesn’t hold water. History is  jam full of those individuals who “shouldn’t” have lived a life filled of success but did. How then does that work; is there some magic formula or slight-of-hand necessary to know before a person can join the ranks of those who are able to enjoy life on their terms? The rabbit’s foot below is still regarded today by many people to be LUCKY but it wasn’t so lucky for the rabbit, was it!

The real-world answer might surprise you because the truth is; anybody can get there by employing a few proven strategic principals. It is this elusive matter in a nut shell, which needs a bit of clarification and so ThinkerBites offers the Bite for tonight; “When contemplating who or what is responsible for your present life condition, seek out the closest mirror and confront the real problem” that’s right it is YOU….Get a handle on the mindset: only you can change you, it’s not easy to realize until you look inside you because change in your life is not a matter of (chance), it’s a matter of (choice) and the choice is all yours!

It’s About You!