A New Tomorrow (2)

A New Tomorrow {part 2}

The Change

If the choices you’ve made so far haven’t produced the changes in your lifestyle that you desire then why keep doing them over and over again? Keep in mind that in this life, we are all a work in progress which never achieves perfection!

 Albert Einstein once said: “ Insanity: doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results.” This is how most humans live out their lives; wanting, longing and waiting for dreams to come true while never correcting the source of the problem and that bird won’t fly.

Stop the cycle, set some goals and work toward achieving them, in short; get {a handle} on you and your losing habits one at a time by working harder on yourself than you do on your job. Change is a necessary part of turning over of the new leaf and pulling up the weeds in the garden of your life. Remember that a it is the squirming very ugly caterpillar which can “become” the most beautiful butterfly, all by change and not by chance.


The Bite for tonight is;“Life is about changes;  human nature is adversely opposed toward and afraid of change.”  People hesitate to try something new because despite claims to the contrary, human beings are creatures of habit. Because life is all about change and people are set in their ways  (a better sounding set of words) than stiff, unyielding , inflexible and resistant, we find it VERY difficult to alter the self. If you can’t move when life’s storms appear, then you’ll be tossed, turned, beaten down and blown into the desert of nowhere, wondering aimlessly from one disappointment to another, still unable to recognize the why and the wherefore of it all in search of a  new, better and brighter tomorrow…..



It’s About You!