A New Tomorrow {part 3}

 Your Monkey

In the final analysis if the common attitude of  “what will be will be” isn’t altered by you then life all too quickly passes away and you’re still fighting the elements as much as you ever have and you’re no closer to your dreams than you were last year, last month or last week. You aren’t any better off now than before trying (this or that) to correct your life direction which obviously hasn’t worked.

The changes that must be made are simple but they’re not easy because what is (easy to do) is also (easy not to do), think that one over awhile. Be aware “not to” never made any kind of change in anybody’s life in a positive direction.


You can claim, it’ not your circus,  not your call, not your monkey but it is what determines your future. Does another cavalcade of years like you’ve had so far sound like your perfect future? Well, if you don’t make a commitment to your dreams and change you, then you can’t blame anyone but yourself because in the end it is circus, your call and your monkey.


 The Bite for tonight is;“Manage You Own Circus, after all it’s your call and your monkey!” One more thought that fits here,     “ Frankenstein, behold your monster” life is really what you make it, by what you become.


Everyone must answer the question for themselves so ….  just what are you becoming?


It’s About You!