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The Tomatoes At War!

Tomatoes At War There are always a sufficient number of wars occurring on the planet at any given time to wet the appetite of any war-monger and the reasons involved are usually not legitimate, logical or even reasonable. The realities of war are death, suffering, property destruction and devastation of civil societies; these are a […]


A Life-Truth

  A Life-Truth: Looking Down The Bite for tonight is;“Never look down on anybody unless you are helping them up.” It is easy to look at someone else’s life according to the things we perceive as success: their affluence, appearance, career or other possessions and be way off base in our conclusions. Human beings tend […]


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence There are more new technological ideas and practicalities being advanced today than anytime in history. It seems like everyday new inventions and studies that better “the human condition” hit the market creating a better understanding of the world we live in. Along with nanotechnology, medical science advances, electronics, robotics, general knowledge and  (AI) […]