Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

There are more new technological ideas and practicalities being advanced today than anytime in history. It seems like everyday new inventions and studies that better “the human condition” hit the market creating a better understanding of the world we live in. Along with nanotechnology, medical science advances, electronics, robotics, general knowledge and  (AI) artificial intelligence.

 AI one of the fastest advancing of the new innovations,  an idea whose time has come and it has come a long way. AI is a small abbreviation for the big concept. AI has been an evolving theory in the last few years which has become a real-world reality; via our user friendly personal computer and it’s growing abilities to organize, process and utilize complex volumes of informational data.

What science has envisioned is a computer which has the ability to reason all on it’s own, in other words a computer that can think independently of us. The possibilities are tremendous and so are the dangers that can be imagined from the prospect….the idea that logical thought can be utilized by something other than humans is scary and filled with the nightmares of what “could” go wrong.


Well, as we occasionally do,  your friendlyonline ThinkerBites has some food for thought ( human only) in the Bite for tonight; “Artificial  intelligence: (AIis no match for natural stupidity!”

No matter how far or fast mankind advances or evolves, there seems to be an endless supply of stupidity among us, that shows little sign of direction correction despite our growing ability to understand more and more about our universe and mankind’s place in it.  No matter how human intelligence levels grow, ignorance, misunderstanding and good old fashioned stupid continue to be a prominent part of humanity and are poised to remain so for the foreseeable future. Speaking of futures; how’s your personal journey to reach your dreams going? You don’t need AI to create a great future for yourself and your loved ones because “It’s All About The U In You” and it has been from the beginning.


It’s About You!