A Life-Truth


A Life-Truth: Looking Down

The Bite for tonight is;“Never look down on anybody unless you are helping them up.” It is easy to look at someone else’s life according to the things we perceive as success: their affluence, appearance, career or other possessions and be way off base in our conclusions. Human beings tend organize their lives very differently depending upon personal priorities and real life experiences. What might spell success to one person may not to another as there are man variations of opinion. There is little doubt that we are all quite different in innumerable ways and sometimes due to reasons which may not be easily seen by causal observation, incorrect judgments are easy to make.


The American Indians had a saying which expresses this life-truth well; “ Before you judge another; walk a mile in their moccasins.” The fact is you really don’t understand someone else’s life or position on their journey without knowing all the whys and wherefores. Most of the time, there are explanations for personal behavior which if known, the ‘rhyme or reason’ to the lives of others would make more sense.

It is very easy to look down upon someone else because they may not appear (WARNINGappearances can be deceiving) as financially, educationally, culturally, morally or intellectually advanced as you by your standards of success and failure. While at the same time, there is never a valid excuse for looking down upon someone else unless you’re helping them up, it is a natural human trait and one that should be avoided. Belittling or looking down on the worth of another is not only selfish and self destructive and disrespectful, it is also illogical because no one is bettered by it and it causes damages to all concerned; avoid it.

 The point has been made before that; “  It’s much easier to tear down someone else’s castle than to build your own” and while that saying is true the outcome from that bit of negative Philosophy is meat for our consideration and  also for some careful self- examination….remember how you treat others will be repeated in kind: you always get back in what you put out!


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