The Tomatoes At War!

Tomatoes At War

There are always a sufficient number of wars occurring on the planet at any given time to wet the appetite of any war-monger and the reasons involved are usually not legitimate, logical or even reasonable. The realities of war are death, suffering, property destruction and devastation of civil societies; these are a few of the reasons why it is a thing to be avoided. The fact is mankind is the only entity in our world that practices regular species elimination and lessening of the population levels of himself; sounds sort of stupid doesn’t it, that’s because it is.

The Bite for tonight isn’t our normal ThinkerBite but it is an expression of our view-point on the subject and you’re entitled to it, remember that (opinions are like bellybuttons, everybody has one!) For the most part, as far as we know, no animal species has developed any better weapons of self mass destruction the human beings nor utilized same on a regular basis which is of itself a depressing bit of informational data.


One would think that man would eventually come to the realization that war is a NEGATIVE natural trait of our nature and the tendency should be fought by reason and applied logic, which has not happened as yet. Think of the advances that could be achieved in medical sciences, agriculture and construction and the general quality of a human life if the moneys spent on new and better ways with which to kill each other were instead invested for betterment of the human condition. What advances would be possible are almost beyond imagination at this point, new methods for the improvement of our environment and other major issues of the day could be just around the corner if the necessary funds for research and development could be allocated.

ThinkerBites supplies this food for thought as your mental meal for tonight; “ Consider the number of large, red and ripe tomatoes that war against the small green tomatoes on the same vine, the answer is NONE!” Nature doesn’t contain any plant, animal or living creature that indiscriminately kills it’s own kind except us and the question begged for an answer is WHY? …. think it over and remember life is; “ All About The U In You.”


It’s About You!