In The Final Analysis

 Final Analysis

The Bite for tonight is a short and sweet bit of truth common to anybody seeking discovery of the secrets to success and happiness.“In the final analysis, the outcome of your life is a series of selections and what you are or what you become is solely governed by the choices you make.”

The choices we make are personal and form a necessary ingredient in the development of being all that we can become. The three primary determining factors in our choices are thought, attitude and action. Our thoughts and attitudes control our responses which in turn select our choice of action.

To sum it all up, our success and happiness are a result of our own choices, our choices are the results of our thinking and attitudes which determine our ultimate actions….it’s a sort of chicken and egg scenario: like nature, truth has an uncanny habit being interdependently and perpetually repeatable. Our lives are like structures made of individual building blocks; the look, usability, versatility and strength of a building is all in the way it’s put together.

The point is; the first consideration for any serious construction is all about location, location, location and this key truth will determine the quality and durability of the structure you create. Make certain that the ground you build on isn’t a giant sink-hole or quick sand and it would be wise to know if it floods when it storms come because you know they will come. A person’s got to know that building a successful and happy life needs good ground, a good foundation and careful construction.

Take note of the fact that positive (THINKING) forms a positive attitude, which in turn creates the drive toward successful positive actions. Remember when you were in school one of the basics of algebra states that: {pos + pos = pos & neg + neg= pos} well that only works for math and not for life because a negative plus any kind of thought equals a negative result. Negative thinking and negative attitudes culminate in negative actions which can not produce a positive result … period. Success and happiness are positive entities and are dependent on positive thoughts, which produce positive attitudes, who’s end result is positive actions and learning that’s what this thing called life is really all about.

As always, it is indeed  “All About The U In You.” What you are right now isn’t the world’s fault, your parents or families fault, your unhappy childhood, your past monetary advantages or disadvantages, your social position, nor the lack of education or skill. It’s simply the result of your sphere of thinking because you really are and will become what you think, think about that awhile……positively of course! Positivity is contagious, catch it: be rewarded with the life you always dreamed about and start this minute. Today is the first day of the rest of your life, dream it, think it and make it.


It’s About You!