A Little Knowledge

A Little Knowledge

This issue is one that demands a going over once in a while, so here’s the skivvy and your present food for thought from your friendly online neighborhood ThinkerBites; “A little knowledge can be dangerous but a gob of ignorance can be fatal.” You’ve probably heard someone say that ignorance is bliss, well nine times out of ten that statement is incorrect and ignorance maintained becomes stupidity sustained.

Here’s a prime example; if you were to visit Arkansas where I live and you plan a camp in the great outdoors, communing with nature, you would be wise to know that we have a few species of poison snakes native to our region of the Country. The Copperhead below is just one of the poison varieties indigenous to the Southern areas of the US.


However knowing that small fact would not keep you safe in of itself. You also need to know what kinds are commonly seen and what to do should you happen encounter one, along with what steps to take in the event you are bitten. You see it’s not enough to know there are some snakes which pose a threat to your health because more information is necessary in order to limit personal danger.

This understanding is applicable in your personal development as well, you must continue to feed your growth or you will starve, shrivel and die. The more you know the more you grow, the more you grow the greater your knowledge which creates yet more growth. This life is not an event it’s a perpetual continuing process. It has been said; life is a journey, it’s not a destination.  Everyone wants to arrive and while it is true you will arrive someday, somewhere, at some time the question remains where?

Life is all about change and if you cease to change you will cease to live, that’s not to say you will die bodily but if you’re effectively dead emotionally and mentally, does it really matter whether or not you’re physically alive? Modern medical science can be keep your body alive after your brain is effectively dead but to what advantage?


Remember, when you stop growing you start decaying; “A little knowledge can be dangerous but a gob of ignorance can be fatal.” Take the journey and experience all the joy that life has to offer, be all that you can become because it’s all about the U in you.




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