What About Your GO?

   Your “GO”

The  goal oriented mode of operation or {GO} has 4 distinctive component parts;  (LRPA)  learning, resolution, planning and action, which are all four necessary to attract success into your life. The truth is that once you discover the power which can enable you to become whatever you can imagine or desire, you will never be the same and your thinking will be forever changed.


If Personal Development has gone in one of your ears and out the other with no activity in between, then there is truly little hope for a chance for success in your life. Everything is just literally waiting for you to stop waiting; resolve to make a positive change in your life direction and get with the program. You’ll gain very little with luck and even less without a genuine knowledgeable concerted effort smothered in smart work. A wise man once said work smarter, not harder or as my Grandpa used to say, use your head for something besides keeping your ears apart.


ThinkerBites offers some food for thought in the Bite for tonight; “Life is like a football game: to grab the ball and aimlessly run forward may get you a few yards down field but look out for the crushing dog pile of opposing force rushing to meet you.” You and your dreams could end up so flat and hurting that you give up even trying to run again. Remember the game of life is like every other quest; not to set goals becomes your goal and yes it’s really that simple.




 It’s About You!