It’s The Fate Thing


 It’s almost a certain that at one time or another someone has said to you; “I can’t help the condition of or circumstances directing my life, you see I’m a victim of fate.” This is a naive but common attitude which simply isn’t true, not to say that there aren’t events and happenings in our personal lives which are beyond our control but there is no such thing as fate. The idea of fate controlling our life outcomes is born from stinking thinking which leads to hardening of the attitude and that is a devastatingly nasty disease who’s end result is a life filled with unhappiness and regret. Putting this idea of fate to rest in your mind is a must if you’re at all serious about chasing your dreams and intend having a chance of catching them.

Your friendly-online-neighborhood ThinkerBites posts this offering both as a meal for thought and a valuable addition to your Personal Development: don’t let fate steal your opportunity for success. The Bite for tonight is; “Fate is in control of all that you believe it is.” In explanation it should be understood that fate is only in control of what you chose to allow controlled and that is powered through your negative “self-defeating” thinking. Yep; it’s your own thinking that has gotten you where you are in life today and not your family, other people, ideologies, society or even fate just little old you!


 Ok, so what can we do about the problems associated with our perception of fate? Answer is, change your thinking, it’s that simple but remember that things that are simple aren’t necessarily easy so this one will require some action on your part and it may prove to be quite difficult. This one really took a bite out of me….it was very hard to get a handle on and I certainly hope it will not be as complicated for you, we’re here to help. The late great Wayne Dyer said; “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” that isn’t double talk, it’s a way of expressing that if you change the way you think and you will change your life. Happiness and success are both within you, let them out by deciding to be in control of your own present and future through the power of your own thinking!

It’s not a fate thing because there is no such thing, fate was something someone invented to explain why they could not breeze lazily through their life, without much real work and become a success. Don’t be fooled by the majority of negative thinkers who ‘sit on the sidelines of life‘ and accept a life of unhappiness, depression and defeat. That kind of thinking/action ends in disappointment and regret. If you’re down, pick yourself up, dust you off and change your negative thinking into positive. If you do that your life can begin to become all that you ever dreamed about. “Fate is in control of all that you believe it is“……..change your thinking and change your life, only you can.


 It’s About You!