A Sliver


A Sliver

While it is true that bad things happen to good people, most of the bad things only show up when invited and people although great at mastering the art of invitation, are seldom as skilled at detecting or correcting the onslaught of the baggage that comes with them. The old saying be careful what you settle for, you might just get it fits because it applies to the things we invite and allow into our lives.

The danger is even the most savvy among us can be fooled and sucked into something we didn’t want or see coming….enter the “sliver deliver” and the Bite for tonight; “ Beware of those who promise the moon but deliver a sliver!”This is the vehicle through which calamity can be disguised: the bits and pieces of set-backs that go with the territory. The manner and consistency that we deal with discouragement, stress, frustration and failure can be managed so that the hard life lessons are not quite so hard and costly to learn. To do this requires recognizing a sliver deliver when it appears so that you’re not torpedoed, broad-sided and going down for the third time, every time a monkey wrench is thrown into the machinery of your life.

Wake-up, smell the coffee and allow it to cool before drinking it down…this is the edge that can be acquired solely through the power of positive thinking. Learn to recognize the enemy of negativity and change it into a positive before it goes on the rampage in your life.

Remember that not all folks are honest and if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. You can’t be on the internet long before you see an add that makes incredible claims about this plan or that secret that will make you rich overnight…don’t chase the dangled carrot, it may not be what you think it is no matter how tasty it looks.


Truth is your defense, it’s all about you and how you develop yourself. That’s why it is called Personal Development……




It’s About You!