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Spectator Sports

 Spectators Beware ! The fast paced lives that people live today have caused humans to seek out ways to relax, unwind and escape from our stresses. This idea is commonly referred to as chill-out, kick-back or zone down and most Americans turn to that old stand by: the “boob-tube” via some kind of game, movie […]


Along The Way

 ALONG THE WAY Although life seems to consist of a constant storm, there are times of peaceful calm and serenity. While on your life’s journey, remember life is a journey and not a destination. Understanding this premise makes it all the more valuable to recognize that life is not about avoiding the storms; that can’t […]


Who’s Responsible?

  You That’s Who! The Question has been asked a million times, Who is responsible for all the good and bad things, that occur in our lives each and everyday? Well the short of it is we are; although we are NOT responsible for what happens, we are responsible for how we deal with what happens. […]


The Same Old Song

Old Song/New Verse Is your everyday the same old song? Is your life like the movie;” Ground hog day”, an ever repeating succession of calamity, failure and disappointment? Well, welcome to the cure: it’s been inside you all along…your own choice of view-point. Yep, you have scripted your own story and before you can correct […]


The Up & Down Of It

    Ups & Downs  This is probably not the best time for me to address the issue of the ups & downs in life as at the moment my wife and I have the flu. Ever notice when you’re sick the world is constant annoyances of noise, light, movement and activity toward which you […]