The Up & Down Of It


  Ups & Downs

 This is probably not the best time for me to address the issue of the ups & downs in life as at the moment my wife and I have the flu. Ever notice when you’re sick the world is constant annoyances of noise, light, movement and activity toward which you have anything but a positive attitude. To put icing on the cake, our son, daughter-in-law and 19 month old granddaughter are living with us and they also have just had or are presently suffering from the flu virus. No one wants to cook, at least anything that sound good and no one feels like going to get fast food either and so we all recede to our beds, sneeze, cough and practice being generally miserable.

Make no mistake, at ThinkerBites we suffer the down times just like the rest of you. Sickness, financial distress and the human condition touch us all but be of good cheer, we also find joy and peace of mind in the good times. Like the old song; count your many blessings, every one of us has enjoyed good times in life.  We must be on the look-out because it’s easy to adopt an attitude of negativity when dark clouds appear out of nowhere bringing in a storm. Remember there is always sunshine after the rain and a bad outlook only encourages a greater pessimistic attitude, which in turn causes the storm to become stronger. The way you think does matter, thought is a powerful force so may “the positive force” be with you!

You will still experience the “down times” but the right thinking can lessen their severity and lower your suffering during them. It is noteworthy that there can be no “up” without “down“, no good without bad, no sunshine without the rain…well you get the picture. Therefore, keep in mind that bad things happen to good people, it rains on us all and the idea is to create yourself a better shelter, not avoid the storm. The Bite for tonight is ; ” ups and downs are out of your control but your attitude about them isn’t.”



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