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Along The Way

 ALONG THE WAY Although life seems to consist of a constant storm, there are times of peaceful calm and serenity. While on your life’s journey, remember life is a journey and not a destination. Understanding this premise makes it all the more valuable to recognize that life is not about avoiding the storms; that can’t […]


Who’s Responsible?

  You That’s Who! The Question has been asked a million times, Who is responsible for all the good and bad things, that occur in our lives each and everyday? Well the short of it is we are; although we are NOT responsible for what happens, we are responsible for how we deal with what happens. […]


The Same Old Song

Old Song/New Verse Is your everyday the same old song? Is your life like the movie;” Ground hog day”, an ever repeating succession of calamity, failure and disappointment? Well, welcome to the cure: it’s been inside you all along…your own choice of view-point. Yep, you have scripted your own story and before you can correct […]