Spectator Sports

 Spectators Beware !

The fast paced lives that people live today have caused humans to seek out ways to relax, unwind and escape from our stresses. This idea is commonly referred to as chill-out, kick-back or zone down and most Americans turn to that old stand by: the “boob-tube” via some kind of game, movie or spectator sport.

Motion pictures seem to have lost a great deal of their luster but the popularity of sporting events such as; baseball, soccker, football, hockey, boxing, wrestling and video games are still at the top of the heap. People spend countless hours and monies watching these events on a regular basis and it seems everyone has their favorite sport, team, athlete or performer.

Spectator sports are a great out let for human stress and frustration but aren’t the number one aim of life. What then is or should be the number one concern for people just trying to enjoy life and live it to the fullest? The truth is that all people have dreams and desired goals, some of which are common and some are unique to the individual person.

Thank God that our likes and dislikes aren’t all the same! However, there is one universal truth that cannot be ignored even by those with the smallest dreams and needs. The universal truth is our ThinkerBite for tonight; “Being part of the audience of humanity is cool experience but life is not a spectator sport, it requires personal, hands-on participation.” It may amaze you to discover that not everyone wants to be wealthy, a person can be rich and possess little of worldly material value. Riches are close friends, family, common positions such as sight, health, vitality and mental wellness. Relationships and peace of mind both mental and spiritual are certainly desirable positions that make a person rich.

Okay, to the point: in order to be happy, healthy, wealthy and wise you MUST be a participant and NOT just a spectator in this game called life. Remember; “ It’s All About The U In You” and it always was…….



  It’s About You!