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Brain Storming

Brain-storming is a method of gathering thoughts together to ease the development and refining of ideas into the building blocks of creativity. Taught in most colleges commomly as an excepted method for sorting, organizing and catagorizing “off the cuff” thoughts into a usable or refinable formatt. It works like this; while allowing your mind to wonder thinking about a particular word or idea, write down the words and phrases that pop into your head. The grammer, spelling and sentence structure aren’t important because the thoughts and ideas are where we consentrate our “brainstorming” energies.

Mulling over the paperwork later will generate more ideas and start the whole process over again, it’s a grow as it goes process. Brain-storming will sometimes flow easily and other times you will hit a mental block, when it doesn’t flow it may be necessary to stop and come back to it later. All in all brain-storming will make it easier to develop complete and mature ideas into something worth working-out.

The Bite for tonight is;”An idle brain is a fools workshop” so keep that mind busy, organized and healthy, incorporate some brain-storming time and you may amaze yourself and improve our world. Don’t allow your brain to atrophy, if you don’t use it, you’ii lose it ! Brain-storm some and reap the rewards of your powerful thinking, we do support better thinkin here at ThinkerBites.


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