On The Surface

The Surface

While the ocean may appear peaceful on the surface it may be very turbulent just a short distance below the calm. Life is the same way, while everyone else’s life seems to be calm and peaceful your’s may be is busy, frustrating and anything but calm. In times like that remember things aren’t always as they appear. Think about the illustration in the wise old saying;  “You just can’t judge the contents of a book by it’s cover.”

The Thinkerbite for tonight expresses this idea; ” We’re all on the journey, just in different locations on the path.” A desire to succeed and prosper is common to every person who has ever lived. It is only the personal definition of success and prosper that varies, as the old proverb goes;” One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.” We are so much alike and yet  different. Be careful about the way you judge people, their actions, intentions and the events in your life because sometimes what appears to be bad, turns out to be something good.

Remember that much of what is considered as living well is a matter of personal attitude and prospective. It’s all in how you look at the world, just think about it…

It’s About You!