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 Rattlesnakes The subject for the BITE tonight is a creature with a infamous reputation for being unpleasant and down right inhospitable to all that cross it’s path. This tenacious predator will attack when agitated or hungry and it’s not afraid to defend itself. The best way to observe a rattlesnake is from a distance or […]


The Big W’s

The Big 3 W‘s This may hit you as a strange title/subject for  a ThinkerBite but it really isn’t once you understand what the W’s mean. Please allow me to elaborate and express the importance of the 3 w’s….Before you can gain any ground on personal development, you must first find your Why, that is […]


Talking Good Sense

Good Common Sense I reminisce frequently about the many things learned for my parents and grandparents which have guided me through the hard times in my life. As a young man, I recall my Dad encouraging me to use my head when making  decisions and the make my choices armed with what he called “good […]



Backyards It’s always easy to see the mess in your neighbors backyard but it’s very hard to be objective about the appearance of our own. As human beings we are able see the flame in someone else’s eye and fail to notice the forest fire in our own! The optical impairment shows-up in many places […]


A Real Present Day Monster

Present Day Monster Who has never awaken to a nasty, monsterous beast who sneaked into your body while you slept? At least you can’t remember feeling this miserable last night before you nodded-off but today you’ll be sure to show the Monster to all who cross your path. A gallon of coffee might help calm […]


The Same Cloth

The Same Cloth There are few things in life that are “for-real” absolutes and two of them make up the Bite for tonight.  The thought is taken from an old proverb that says; when two things fit together,”they are said to be cut from the same cloth.” In days gone bye, folks attempted to compare […]