The Same Cloth

The Same Cloth

There are few things in life that are “for-real” absolutes and two of them make up the Bite for tonight.  The thought is taken from an old proverb that says; when two things fit together,”they are said to be cut from the same cloth.” In days gone bye, folks attempted to compare things that were in some abstract way alike or in the vernacular of the past; things that were akinThinkerBites offers this thought for your consideration this evening; “Ignorance and arrogance are cut for the same cloth” one is the twin of the other. Whenever you feel a bit arrogant remember ignorance prompted that emotion so don’t let it become a mind-set!

Be vigalant when making judgements about another person as first impressions can fool you, what you see on the outside may not be who that person is at all. Remember to do humanity a service and never judge the intent of someone else’s heart  because sometimes our good intentions go hay-wire despite our goal and  the outcome isn’t what we planned. Thank heaven there are re-dos and we’ve all been there. As always remember that “It’s all about the U in you.”



It’s About You!