A Real Present Day Monster

Present Day Monster

Who has never awaken to a nasty, monsterous beast who sneaked into your body while you slept? At least you can’t remember feeling this miserable last night before you nodded-off but today you’ll be sure to show the Monster to all who cross your path.

A gallon of coffee might help calm the beast but an attitude adjustment is definately in order. First point of assessment: exactly who’s at fault for  this in the first place? The boss, your wife, husband, family, friend or the alarm clock….ahhh maybe check out the bathroom mirror, yep the Monster is all your’s! The second point: is there someone or something I can blame it on? After pondering the question for a very short time, you realize you are the originator of this grouchy thing  so….Frankenstein behold your monster and deal with it.

Now that we’ve excepted the premise that the real problem can only be controlled and eliminated by it’s creator, dispel it by adjusting that ATTITUDE!! The Bite for tonight is courtesy of your friendly neighborhood ThinkerBites; “ It’s all in a flip of the wrist called attitude.”


It’s About You!