It’s always easy to see the mess in your neighbors backyard but it’s very hard to be objective about the appearance of our own. As human beings we are able see the flame in someone else’s eye and fail to notice the forest fire in our own! The optical impairment shows-up in many places and applies to most of life’s perceived success status measurements. People tend to judge others on a totally different scale than they use on themselves and this is the reason for the offering we consider tonight.

The ThinkerBite for tonight is;” Before scrutinizing your neighbors backyard, it is wise to clean-up your own.” My dear Grandpa used to say; ” If you only worry about correcting your faults, you’ll have a full time job.” That doesn’t excuse any of us from helping others all that we can but make sure it’s done for the right reasons and not from a judgmental prospective. After all we are all on the same journey, facing the same struggles just in different paths. Remember always be kind and consider the plight of others along the way. I recall a old saying that fits here; “Be kind to the people on your way up, you’ll meet those same people on your way down.”


     It’s About You!