Talking Good Sense

Good Common Sense

I reminisce frequently about the many things learned for my parents and grandparents which have guided me through the hard times in my life. As a young man, I recall my Dad encouraging me to use my head when making  decisions and the make my choices armed with what he called “good common sense“. There were many times when I failed to exercise proper judgment and I suffered the consequences. Unfortunately most people live life on a daily basis without regard the law of personal responsibility while blaming others for the bad things that happen as a result; refusing to recognize the real culprit.


Remember, if you plant good seeds in a properly prepared environment and exercise the needed over-sight in your garden, you will reap a harvest. That conclusion of course doesn’t take into account that unforeseen events can occur which are beyond your control. Bad things can and do happen to good people. No matter the situation, good common sense is a asset no one can afford to be without. With that in mind ThinkerBites offers this thought for tonight because most folks talk good sense but seldom use it; “Sadly,Good common sense isn’t a flower growing in everyone’s garden.”

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