The Big W’s

The Big 3 Ws

This may hit you as a strange title/subject for  a ThinkerBite but it really isn’t once you understand what the W’s mean. Please allow me to elaborate and express the importance of the 3 w’s….Before you can gain any ground on personal development, you must first find your Why, that is simply the reason you desire to succeed and reach for your dreams. For some people it’s family, for some it may be time control, for others it can be all about financial security.

Secondly you must  identify your When; the time you intend to get started seriously making an effort to reach those goals. Setting goals and  making the necessary changes in order to reach them is the only path to the road leading to a happy life. The list of things that spell success to you may be quite different than the list for someone else because success is not the same for everybody. There are a couple of points to keep in mind about your When.. the time is NOW, remember that today is the first day of the rest of your life. and you are not guaranteed to be here tomorrow. Although any change may appear as small, remember;”A million mile journey begins with one single step” so you’ve got make a start.

The third W is your Where, where do we begin: where we are and where is our intended destination? The answer to this one is two-fold;  Where is here, right where you are and the destination is your dream-life. The question remains are you ready to make a choice, make a change and chase your dreams? If you find yourself in a place you didn’t choose today, take a chance, make a change and watch your life begin to bloom!

The BITE for tonight is;”Why, When and Where change your life if you dare, incorporate these if you want to get somewhere!” Remember, when it’s all said and done;”It’s All About The U In You.”


It’s About You!