The subject for the BITE tonight is a creature with a infamous reputation for being unpleasant and down right inhospitable to all that cross it’s path. This tenacious predator will attack when agitated or hungry and it’s not afraid to defend itself. The best way to observe a rattlesnake is from a distance or in a Zoo enclosure designed to guard against the use of it’s poisonous weaponry. Snake exhibits use specialized glass shielding to protect visitors and animals alike.

Life is sometimes like herding rattlesnakes, you do it very carefully or pay the price. It seems that sometimes life deals you a lousy hand of cards and bluffing isn’t a very good option, after all a person can get bit you know! Due to the fore mentioned hazards ThinkerBites offers our own recommendation on the matter;”When herding rattlesnakes it pays to be aware it can travel in any direction, changing direction without the slightest notice!” Check these cool items out but remember where you find rattles are usually on the snake…..

Happy herding!

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