The Right Track

The Right Track

Have you ever heard someone say; the reason “so and so” failed so miserably doing something is that they didn’t do it the right way”? This statement implies that there is a right and a wrong path on the road to the destination of your dreams. Everyone’s pathway is different even though the goal to attain success is the same. On the other hand, a person must realize that while the paths may differ the track is as it always has been: purposefully and perpetually positive.

The Bite for tonight is;” Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll be run-over if you just sit there!” Just knowing which road to travel won’t get you there, you’ve got to apply some positive action and get your mo-jo on and moving…positively. It has been said that a few years or so down the road of life, we will all arrive….the important lingering question is where?

 Alright, just being on the right path, camped in the middle of the road can be hazardous to your health resulting in an accident you don’t want to watch, let alone participate in. Be aware that the road can be hectic and heavily traveled…a person could get run down and fail to recuperate for years wasting irreplaceable precious time. Remember that time is the essence of wealth and without it everything else is of no value so don’t waste your time on the why’s of life, the important details are in the journey and happiness is contained in the living on the way! Be positive/be happy it is what it is and what it is is what YOU make it!!



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