Success Prevention

Success Prevention

Try as you may and search as you will there doesn’t appear to be a readily identifiable item, object or person to blame for your consistent failures which are ultimately responsible for our lack of success. We could list all of them one after another and be no closer to the answer than we are right now so that’s really not a viable alternative solution to the task at hand. Let’s see; there’s our family, friends, personal issues, circumstances, habits, life events and my all time favorite fate.¬†Well, we’ve not got it figured out quite yet……..hummmm.

The facts have to become apparent to you at some point, if the cause for our success prevention isn’t everything else then what are we missing? Enter the Bite for tonight, courtesy of Your Friendly Neighborhood ThinkerBites; “ We are our own source of Success Prevention!” That’s the true short and long of the matter, It’s All About You. Become your success provision and not your success prevention…make a choice, get a plan, set a goal, adjust your mind-set and start now!


It’s About The U In You!