Life Is Like …

Life Is Like

We can have a colorful conversation about what life is like and come up with innumerable conclusions which convey some tiny fact or facet of the subject. The truth is that life is everything and nothing; that is to say life is color, non-color, music, silence, birth, death, growth, decay,  beauty and uglyness.

Life on a personal level is what we make it to be, nothing more and nothing less as we each are the master of our own ship and part of the multitude we call living things. Mankind has been on a quest to understand the how’s and why’s of life since our history began. Scientists constantly study animal, plant, human and microscopic life-forms in a concerted effort to comprehend our limitations and define our place in the universe.

Life is full on twists, turns and surprises around every corner. Just about the time you begin to think that you’ve got this thing figured out something new and unforeseen rears-up and conks you right between the eyes. The truth is no one lives long enough to gain the wisdom to be able to nonchalantly navigate life with any amount of success. To this end, ThinkeBites offers this BITE tonight; ” Life is like an ice-cream cone, about the time you think you’ve got it licked, it drips all over you.” Think about it!


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