Plan or Accident


Planning is a learned method of living which doesn’t leave everything to chance. One of it’s major advantages is an ability to leverage an amount of control over the circumstances of your life in order to positively effect to outcome. The relationship to planning and a winning life-style can be seen by an illustration of a person on a journey with a map which helps plan his navigation to the right place in the least amount of time. On the other hand is a person who just drives down any road attempting to navigate by chance to the intended destination potentially wasting vast amounts of time and energy. The wise person is obviously the one with a map.

Because too many unforeseen bad things can happen even with the proper direction and planning, it is wise to avoid all the unnecessary trouble that you possibly can along the way. The winning strategy here is see your desired destination, set a goal, make a plan to reach toward the goal and approach the entire matter with a positive action/attitude as you go.

The Bite for tonight is courtesy of ThinkerBites; “Fumbling through life isn’t a plan, it’s an accident looking for a place to happen” and happen it will! The only way to lessen or avoid the pain of the coming catastrophe is to develop and implement a plan ASAP so that you’re not caught off guard and going down for the count. A wise man once said;  if you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail and that’s the whole enchilada so it’s as always ” All About The U In You.”


    It’s About You!