The Law Of Compost

 The Law of Compost

There are certain Laws which govern the universe in all of it’s diversity. Everything that exists both tangible or intangible, solid, liquid or gas are all  doing what they do according to certain physical laws. Do not go to the school of why, it is what it is. The understanding of most of them is beyond the mind and scientific knowledge of mankind at present. Let’s take a quick look at what is probably the least understood but the best known of all. Yes that’s right the old “@#$%” happens and anyone with any life experience will have an example or two of an instance when this law took a dump right in the middle of their journey. Remember life is a journey and not merely a destination on the way to the life-style we design.

I must say that there are times when composting was initiated by me, in my life but then I am reminded that I was in the process of gardening at the time. The age old phrase of “@#$% happens” is nevertheless painfully true and is a rude description of the Law which has been so sarcastically expressed in every society since there was one. Hence, since we will and do experience the fruits of this law so to speak without exception, it behooves us to attempt to at least make ourselves aware of the stinking monster hiding in the background ever awaiting an opportunity to reek havoc upon us and whatever we happen to be engaged in at the time.

        “Stinking Monster”


Here at your friendly neighborhood ThinkerBites we don’t wish to leave anyone’s awareness of this foul beast to be dull and in this vain we offer tonight’s warning Bite for your mental diet; “Always remember that Compost occurs.” So, do not let your guard down, it’s coming for you. The remedy is simple but difficult; remain calm, (by the way, breathing through your mouth instead of your nose won’t help much because it usually tastes bad too) take a positive attitude and don’t get caught napping when it happens. After you back up a few steps, pause, observe and learn for the experience, never thinking it’s over…no, it’s never over, so remain  ever on alert status expecting a sneak attack at a moments notice. The main objective is to recuperate on the move and don’t let it derail your journey for any extended amount of time. When it’s all said and done; relax, be calm remembering you got this and “It’s All About The U In You.”

             It’s About You!