When Can’t Won’t

When Can’t Won’t

When the air has cleared, the dust has settled, the pouring has stopped and the bottom line is written there is a moment when you will begin to appreciate tonight’s ThinkerBite offered as a proper part of your Personal Development diet; “You can if you will and you could if you would.” While this statement is true the reverse is also true; you can’t  if you won’t and you couldn’t if you wouldn’t….the reverse logic works and all the respective pieces of the puzzle fit.


This principal should come as no surprise to anyone because any beginning student of Personal Development can attest to the FACT that we are limited only by the limitations of our thinking. If you practice positive thinking; you can and you will, while on the other hand, if your thinking is negative, you can’t and you won’t. What exactly are we talking about; can, can’t, will or won’t? We are referring to the ability you will or will not possess while you are journeying on the path to the road that leads to your Success.  The great martial artist Bruce Lee put it this way when he said; “As you think, so shall you become” and that is the whole point of the topic under discussion here. The human mind is powerful even beyond what we understand is possible and the ability to control the attitudes of our thinking is critical for the attraction of the success and happiness for which we seek and labor.

Therefore, Positive thinking and the attitude it provides is something that you can not afford to do without if the “good-life” is on your list of goals. The answer to the riddle: when is it that can’t won’t and the answer is ALWAYS. Can’t never accomplished anything short of perpetual devastating and utter failure, is that really your goal? If you are serious about living your dreams and everyone should be, then rivet this into your mind…..you will do with positive thinking or you will do without success, one cannot exist without the company of the other. Fellow journeyers, let us lay aside the negativity which does so easily beset us and lay hold on the positive which forges the way forward, recalling that after all,” It’s All About The U In You and it always was !”


             It’s About You!