Your Garden

In Your Garden

The point for this post is to illustrate that life is like a garden, you will reap what you sow and harvest what you plant by how well you take care of your garden. The next necessary relative consideration is that despite good soil, good seed and fair growing conditions, as with gardens so it is with life; what to do about those pesky weeds? Weeds devour your crops and choke out your seeds so they must be constantly defended against because without good defenses your lovely garden will die, grave yard dead and only the weeds will survive.

There are many people who’s gardens have died due to neglect and never recovered. The learning curve here is potentially critical and for your garden to be a permanent failure you must just quit watering and weeding. Wake-up this one is all about you and your personal work habits in the garden of your life. There are some things that you can get away without doing on occasion, things that won’t decimate your garden long term. The watering and care can be ignored for periods of time without much visible effect on your garden overall. However the weeding can’t be neglected or postponed. If the weeds are allowed to take-hold it will be a real war to keep from losing your garden altogether.

Remember that weeds are those annoying little things that conceal your plants and steal the sunlight from the crops in your garden.  They must be pulled up by the roots at every opportunity but keep in mind that they will come back quickly and without warning. It is a must to keep your life weeded regularly so the things you want grow and the things you don’t want can be removed.

Tonight ThinkerBites offers this friendly bit of thought for your Personal Development diet; “In the garden of your life, make sure that you weed”  because weeds aren’t your friend. May all will be well with you and the garden of your life….happy weeding!

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