A Smidgen of Country Logic

Country Logic

Many of us are overly corrective “OCD” on the issues in our lives and as a result we sometimes redo/fix even the things that appear to be working correctly. The end result leads us to a real experience in suffering that we did not need or causes the domino effect to occur with lasting unnecessary consequences during the journey on the path to our dreams. When everything seems to be running smoothly we just can’t leave well enough alone so we tweek it just a hair and Wammo it all goes to pot.

Warning: adjusting anything that does not need adjusting or alignment should not be attempted at anytime by anyone. The resultant explosion of everything concerned may be grievous to your health, wealth and welfare. The meat in the BITE tonight is when you think that things are going well but just not fast enough, take a deep breath, relax and resist the urge to fool around with the bits and pieces of all that makes your life work.

People who work on themselves from a Personal Development standpoint are an impatient bunch when the construct of our journey begins to destruct our goals we run like a chicken with it’s head chopped off in every direction and in every facet of our mind-set. This is a must brake period when you see this begin to happen but don’t change or alter your goals, your goals are fine, it’s the action you are applying to your goals. In short fix what needs fixing change what needs changing and let the rest amble along. Thinkerbites offers the following thought for your mental consumption; there are some great and famous sayings and proverbs from the southern parts of or Nation such as” If It Ain’t Broken, Don’t Fix It” and this fits our ThinkerBite for tonight. Adjust goals as necessary but if the action propelling your goal in the culprit changing your goal will not correct a defective action. Other things you may take notice of again “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it! “Some of that good old  Country Logic, try it and you’ll find it works extremely well.



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