Short Cuts

“The Thing About Short Cuts

The matter of fact is that people are ALWAYS seeking a faster method of doing everything. We have designed machines, devices, labor saving processors, tools and the list goes on and on with little sign of slowing down at this point in time. People are wise to the idea that if something can be done easier and faster then there is more profit to be made doing it. Take as an example fast food; does it taste better than conventional foods, no but it doesn’t require hours in the kitchen preparing the meals either.


The older mankind becomes the more we are into instant gratification in every way about everything including, but not limited to; clothes, cleaners, foods, transportation, education, menial tasks and even marriage has felt the instantaneous crunch. We want it and we want it now so we endlessly search for more instantly supplied basics, luxuries and necessities which we think make our lives better. These modern day inventions may not make your life better but they sure do make it faster as we search for greater short cuts to improve the improvements.

At some point life experience has had to show you that faster is not always better, quicker is not always more satisfying and cheaper is sometimes just that a cheaper, a lower quality replacement that is of less value than the original. In essence the real truth remains evident, as plain as the nose on your face: understand that short cutting doesn’t work on everything! This brings us to the ThinkerBite for tonight; “Short cuts sometimes aren’t” and that about nails that one down… Remember that short cuts can be more costly than we wanted to pay, require greater education than we wished to invest, generate more problems than it ever solved so be careful and watch out for those short cuts that aren’t

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