Health & Exercise


The life-style of most people today is busy and we are usually busy most with the things that matter least yet when it’s all said we all need exercise on a regular basis. It’s hard to set aside time to go to the gym so some folks purchase equipment for use at home and it sets in the corner or someplace out of the way and gathers dust. Remember out of sight, out of mind?

We go to our Doctors with problems partially caused by a lack of exercise on a regular basis. The American Medical Association 2017 data reports suggest that the rises in pandemic major health issues world wide are initiated by a terrible diet and non-existent program of exercise. As one comedian put it; ” you are what you eat said a wise old man and Lord if that’s true I’m a garbage can.” You can’t expect a finely tuned machine to run well without proper care and on inferior fuel, so it is with the master machine: the human body.

Although human beings aren’t part of the world’s modern scientific technological advancements do have something in common with computers, you get out of a system what you put in or “garbage in = garbage out.” This point leads me to our ThinkerBite for tonight; “Exercising your body will help you live longer, exercising your mind will help you live better!” While it is important to feed your body and exercise properly, don’t forget to care for and exercise your mind. A strong mind brings peace inĀ  the storms of life and satisfaction in a life well lived…..as always we’re here and “It’s All About The U In You.”