Dancing and Dreams

Dancing & Dreams

 The subject for the Bite tonight revolves around the human commonality of dreams.  We all have them, at least in the beginning of our early lives until the time we abandoned them along the roadside on the way to adulthood. The reasons for the rejection of our dreams is that we are being molded to become “grown-ups” or so we are told. The reasoning reportedly is dreams are for kids so you’ve just got to leave them behind in your childhood. Plant your feet firmly on the ground, get your head out of the clouds and join the ranks of the unhappy majority. Fore this is the plight of your life, the reason you were born, to grow, mature, work and die satisfied with whatever fleeing moments of happiness that you can experience; all because this is the destiny of life for everyone except the lucky. As a wise man once said; there is a such thing as luck because I have learned the harder I work, the luckier I get !

Well I’m here to tell you a secret; this is BS and you’ve been sold a fake bill of goods. Your dreams are still alive and can be resurrected by a tiny concept called belief, belief in yourself, a willingness to work your rear off and take action. Dreams don’t materialize by wishing or wanting but they do respond to a positive attitude fueled by action. Go for it and grab onto your dream life-style before you run out of life-time. Time is an ever advancing enemy to the pursuit of your dreams.

The thought for your mental diet tonight is courtesy of your friendly online neighborhood ThinkerBites; life is a dance, “Don’t dance around your dreams because they don’t know that step.”Go after your dreams in the dance of life with all that you can become…success and happiness will be attracted to you! There’s no time like today to get started ….



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