Your Own Lane

Stay In Your Lane

If you’ve ever driven during the rush hour or on a congested busy street then you know there’s nothing as nerve-racking as people who don’t stay in their own lane.For some reason the crazy drivers out of all the other people on the road seem to find me in order to demonstrate their driving skills.

While this scenario is humorous and dangerous at the same time it is also a great opportunity to learn a valuable life lesson. Remember you are in control of how and where you drive, not the other drivers on the road so put both hands on the steering wheel, guide it carefully so you’ll end-up where you were going all in one piece. Although this concept is simple, some folks just can’t stay in their own lane which does increase the likelihood of injurious and costly accidents to both life and property. Add to the mix cell phone texting, interactive social media and the remaining general distractions and you’ve got an accident looking for a place to happen. Paying attention to staying in your own lane just became increasingly dangerous to neglect.



The principals of staying in your own lane contain valuable applications as to how we should live our lives; namely pay attention to your own business on the road toward your goals and refuse to be distracted by the activities going on around you. We’re not that saying don’t be aware of everything else in the world, just don’t be a participant in the confusion and the busyness; keep control of your own direction, captain your own ship and run your own race. In the end you will be healthier, happier and attract more success because after-all that is the name of the game. Let’s reiterate the Bite for tonight; “ Be careful to stay in your own lane.” Remember if you don’t control your own goals, someone else’s goals will control you. Life is a participation sport so if you sit out the game on the side line you will gain regret and lose everything that really matters in the end. Place both hands on the wheel, positize your attitude, calm your mind, concentrate and drive on to your dreams….in your own lane!


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