Final Ride

Final Ride

You can’t take it with you the old saying goes and you know it’s true. We spend all our lives saving money, then we spend all our money trying to save our lives and the cold, hard fact remains that you go out of this world about the same way you came in with nothing in your hands. The savings account you have saved so hard for, the retirement program you’ve invested in and all the material things gathered during a lifetime won’t go with you when you die. Will Rogers once said; “ One thing about living, you can never get out of this world alive” which just about sums it up.

Death is no respecter of persons, social position, wealth, friends or influence when the Grim Reaper knocks on your door no one can refuse to answer. We are all very mortal, despite what modern teenagers think and when your number is up…your out of the game it’s that simple. Meanwhile back at the ranch, we go through the same routines everyday seemingly oblivious to our temporary human condition. Sometimes we are so busy you’d think we planned to live here forever but don’t get caught up in that mind-set because you and I will have a funeral for certain at some future point in time. Keep that thought in the back of your mind and be thankful for the time you do have and no of us knows how much time that will be.

Because this is such a weighty, important and sobering reality for us all, it prompts the proper words of mental wisdom from ThinkerBites and with that introduction we offer the Bite for tonight; ” There are NO u-hauls behind a hearse.” Don’t fear your mortality, just be aware of it and live your life with a positized attitude because “It’s All About The U In You“…….


 It’s About You!