Negative Energy


While it’s true that life is full of in’s and out’s, up’s and down’s, good and bad that produce results which are negative and/or positive; it remains that the importance of understanding this idea is life-changing. No matter what topic you’re talking  or thinking about be sure to take into consideration that you “get-it” when dealing with the Negativity which permeates all facets of civilization since mankind drew his first breath even until now.


It had always been that the application of negative energy produces a result that is negative which never creates a positive outcome. Mathematics is the only realm where you can multiply two negatives (-) and obtain a positive  (+) result. In the real world negatives are worth less than zero no matter how you manipulate the numbers. Negatives aren’t always easy to repair, especially the negatives of the human attitude. This negative is one of the major  reasons that opportunities left undone, untried or ignored create so many negative results that become pot-holes on the highway of life. Just navigating around them is a difficult task which can become all consuming and detour you from the proper direction of your journey.

Here you are things seem to be going your way for a change and you’re driving along life’s road when…Whammo you get targeted not by another traveler but by yourself because of your attitude and you’re off in the ditch resulting in multiple delays to your journey. Even those who have been on the journey for a long time and have some experience at the task encounter the diseases of attitude which are caused by constant exposure to the general negativity of life. The way to avoid this calamity completely has not yet been discovered and the best defense is a good offense, that is pay attention, watch for the whammo before it’s upon you and you’ll get better at “seeing it coming” as your Personal Development grows.


The Bite for tonight feeding your mental diet is; “Anytime Negative energy is applied to Positive momentum, it decreases incrementally.” Avoid the Negative, especially in your attitude, Positize it regularly so you don’t get stuck in the middle of Negativeville for any extended period of time. Oh by the way, also avoid negative people who will drain your positive progress and leave you with a horde of bad vibes none of which will be good for you or advantageous to the pursuit of your goals. “It’s All About The U In You!”

It’s About You!







When negative energy is applied to positive momentum, it decreases incrementally.