When It Isn’t Broken


There are basically three types of people in the world; those who are fixers, those who are non-fixers and those who ignore things that don’t work altogether. The main ideas in the Bite for  tonight are three fold; first to identify your kind of person from the above information,  secondly to deal with that discovery in the appropriate manner and thirdly to be able to recognize what is or isn’t in the list of broken items in the first place…..whoosh, that was a long introduction for a short ThinkerBite! If you’re a fixer and you’ve found Personal Development  by all means attack this problem, this is unfortunately not the majority of us. If you’re a non-fixer then you’re not yet in the game anyway until you realize that you need and discover Personal Development  which will empower you to address this problem and begin learning how to overcome it.


Warning: most people ignore things that need to be fixed rather than deal with them and this approach to life-style can be detrimental to one’s health, wealth, success and happiness. Ignorance isn’t bliss regardless of the old proverb and paying no attention to things that are not working properly will usually guarantee that they will get worse and may become dangerous. That being said, what we are really talking about here isn’t a physical thing it is an abstract item or items in your Personal Development portfolio which need  some immediate attention. The thought for tonight’s Bite is;”If it ain’t broken then don’t fix it.”

Let’s cut to the chase; to achieve your dream life-style you implemented with the Philosophy of Personal Development awakening the buried success driven person inside you and from time to time you’ve arrived at somewhat of a stand still, when it feels like you’re just working harder and getting no where; as the saying goes; “You’re doing a gob of chopping but there ain’t no chips flying.” Well if that’s the case and you’re not reaching your goals then don’t change your goals, fix the planning or the action that is driving those goals.

The problem is NOT your goals if you set them too high then lower your expectation a little but keep your goals updated and in motion. You’ve most likely arrived at a point at which most journeys hit the “pot holes” in the road and take a  negative downturn….pick yourself up, dust you off and jump in the middle of those goals again every time and anytime this occurs. You will continue to get closer and closer to the fulfillment of your dreams. You’ve got this if you don’t give-in and give-up.


It’s About You!