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Which One Are You Working On?

Which One? Today’s ThinkerBite is about both the explanations and excuses in your Personal Development portfolio, a choice that each person must make for themselves. The gist of the matter in question revolves around the two terms of success and failure. First let’s settle the achievement issue related to success, you don’t earn it, you […]


Size Matters!

When Size Matters! Some folks are hooked on the “bigger is better” idea and that’s the subject of our Bite for your consideration tonight. The premise is true in some cases and not so much in others. The people in the “Lone Star State” like to brag about everything being bigger in Texas and that […]


A Plan

Plan Or Not To Plan Since the beginning of time human beings have appreciated, adapted and utilized the idea of planning in order facilitate living life in a happier, fuller and a more organized way. It has been said that planning doesn’t take the element of fate into consideration, however, fate is really a simple-minded […]



 Doing Your Homework Remember the “good old days” of your school years? You’re probably smiling right now as you reminisce about some special event or person from your past. Some of our memories are sad, most are happy and a few may have been life changing for better or worse. No matter the emotional effect […]


What How & What

 What, How & What The subject may seem a little confusing so let’s clear out the smoke and get a good look at the What, How and What of your thinking processes.The first “what” is negativity, the main causative agent for diseases of the  human attitude which effect us all. Have you ever had a […]



Catching Skunks Almost anyone who has had a surprise encounter with a skunk can attest to the fact that they emit one of the most obnoxious, breath-taking, overwhelming and downright stinking odors in the  entirety of the natural world. Good Lord they stink something awful and the smell really hangs onto whatever or whoever happens […]