Catching Skunks

Almost anyone who has had a surprise encounter with a skunk can attest to the fact that they emit one of the most obnoxious, breath-taking, overwhelming and downright stinking odors in the  entirety of the natural world. Good Lord they stink something awful and the smell really hangs onto whatever or whoever happens to be the unfortunate target. It just seems to me that God could have found a less offensive defense with which to supply an easily agitated animal who has an infamously unfriendly attitude.

Most folks who live in the country have had a dog who just had to see what the free roaming black and white kitty was all about and  sorely regretted the experience. When I was a young man in Eastern Oklahoma I had a golden retriever we called Okie and he had an affinity for chasing small animals in our woods, including skunks….we sometimes wondered if his brain worked right or maybe his nose malfunctioned but he’d come home, lay on the front porch and there was little room for wondering what had happened.


The Bite tonight is in memory of ol’ Okie and courtesy of ThinkerBites; Most any dog can catch a skunk but the question is it worth the cost?”  That is something we all need to consider when we spend all our waking minutes with business and not enough time with our families. Time lost with friends and family can not be reclaimed, it’s gone but realizing that mistake can help us survey our lives and answer the question….when our lives are all said and done was what we did with our time worth the cost? Think it over and adjust your time schedule to get a handle on the balance of life  which will make it all worth the cost….”It’s All About The U In You.”